Bait al Karama participates at Terramadre – Salone del Gusto in Turin (Italy)

From the 25th to the 28th of October, a representative team of Bait al Karama (Fatima Kadumy, Falak Nasser, Beatrice Catanzaro and Cristiana Bottigella) joined the Terramadre-Salone del Gusto fair in Turin. Five days before the Slow Food fair, we were hosted by the Italian NGO Overseas and visited several Slow Food Presidi in Emilia Romagna region, as well as we took part of several food events. Among which a cooking class in Bologna on the 20th of October, during the Mercato della Terra (the Slow Food farmer market). We thought to an enthusiastic group of 15 participants, the preparation of Malfuf (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meet) and muttabal betinjal (roasted eggplant dip).

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During the Terramadre-Salone del Gusto fair, on the 26th of October, first day of the Eid al-Adha, we prepared a succulent maklube for circa hundred guests – the maklube is a typical Palestinian dish, consisting of rice, lamb meet, eggplants and tomatoes, all layered in a deep pot, cooked, and then tipped over. Maklube literally means “up-side-down”. The dish is served with Laban (yogurt).

The Terramadre fair was an intense and challenging experience and we wish to thank all the organizers and volunteers that took care of us! A special thanks goes to Overseas (and all its amazing staff) and Acs for funding the Palestinian stand and taking care of us in the days pervious the fair, Gisalda, our volunteer at the Palestinian stands, Michele Rumiz responsible for Slow Food Middle east and Alice Saglia, Enrico Levati (a real hero) and all his friends from Ivrea! The amaizing chefs of Terramadre, (specially to Ranzo and Salvatore) and all the generous people we encountered on our way! THANKS!


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