A Saturday Makluba!

Saturday 16th March, during our cooking class, we prepared a traditional Maklube with a Fattush salad. Maklube means up-side-down in arabic and consists of a layered casserole of rice, seasonable vegetables and meet (lamb or chicken upon the taste) which is served by flipping the pot up-side-down!

our student Shama says:

“Last Saturday I had the pleasure of learning to cook maklooba and fettoush from some masters at Bait al Karama. I had been hoping to learn some Palestinian culinary skills from home cooks.  I was lucky and in addition to that I found strong principled women intent on uplifting all members of their community.  From meandering through the bustling Old Nablusi market and being introduced to the thorny vegetable Akoub to learning to cut fleshy cucumbers into micro-pieces on a handmade wooden cutting board, I was deeply impressed with the care these ladies put into preserving and transmitting traditions through sustainable methods. Thank you for the incredibly warm welcome, and I wish the family at Bait al Karama the best as it continues its important work.” (Shama Farooq)

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