27th of June – Food tails from Nablus – Creative Video Workshop

The creative video workshop, supported by Raising Voices was held during 4 sunny days from the 27th of June and with a tasty final day of presentation with home made food and local guests from the community of Nablus.

The workshop, held by Nidal Shtayeh (photographer and video editor) and Abdul Rahim Qusini (photographer and collaborator of Reuters) aimed at introducing basic video making skills to a group of young women and invite them to apply the acquired knowledge by telling stories related with food.

The group was vivid and energetic! Girls from the old city, refugee camp and diverse areas of Nablus as well as with different life styles (students, workers, ex-political prisoners etc) had the opportunity to find a common ground to meet and learn tools of creative expressions and rediscover the value of food in their surrounding and culture.

Several feedbacks from the participants precisely enlighten the opportunity to share a space of community and creative practice in an environment that lack of offer, especially for women! Beyond that, all where exited in acquiring skills in video making and editing, using basic tools as mobile phones and simple compact cameras.

The program was discussed with the group in a previous session to the workshop in order to meet needs and timeframe of the participants.

The workshop was intense and covered several field of video making and postproduction and trigger the interest in discovering some of the local culinary tradition of Nablus, as well as inviting the participant to go out and discover by them self the wonder of the market and its flavors!

The workshop covered Principles of photography and video shooting and editing.

The practical goals of the workshop were to deliver a basic education on how to deal with video cameras, mobile imaging and the principles of editing and compression video materials and submit them to websites.

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Here some of the results of the video:

Sali’s Salad by Nisreen Issa

Nabulsian Za’tar by by Wala’a Kalboneh and Amani Kalboneh

It is not only plate by Maha Awad and Raneen Hathnawi 

Tamreyyeh by Nahed & Somoud

After 4 days of intense work, on the 5th day we open up the doors to an invited public and celebrated with an unforgettable lunch!

Bait al Karama and the tutors gave each participant a certificate of attendance.




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