11 May 2012 testing out our cooking classes!

Among our first students taking part of our cooking classes, 3 young motivated and skillful ladies learning the secrets of a delicious Makluba, salad in the Arab fashion and home made knuafe.

I loved that were always busy with a task and included in the food preparation, I loved tasting some of your other concoctions (and the food we were making during the process), and I loved being able to hear your story while cooking. And the trip to Sama Nablus was the icing on the cake. Getting to visit a place that represents the perseverance, beauty, and strong spirt of the Nabulsi people – yourself included – together was very meaningful” (Daniel)

I wanted to thank you both for our wonderful cooking class! It was by far the best part of our trip to Nablus. Bait al-Karama and Sama’ Nablus were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the conversation and company was fabulous.  Most of all, you were able to give us insight and perspective on the community that we could not have found elsewhere”. (Cailey)

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