BAK Reader Online

BAK Reader issue nr. one 2011 is the first webproject on A Prior’s new site!

BAK Reader is a meta-narration that attempts to trace the connections between our journey with the project Bait al KARAMA, the city of Nablus and Palestine in general.
The Reader is a place where our poetic look and direct experience is unfolding.
Along the path of a long process-based project, an infinitive number of details, of possibilities, of thoughts, are naturally destined to be surpassed and left aside. Each sidewalk can initiate a potential chain of analogies and poetical associations of forms and meanings.
With BAK Reader we commit to a periodic activity of drifting into the unexplored directions that we encounter as Bait al KARAMA is taking shape. By letting elements guide us through a web of open associations and visual suggestions, our attempt is to weave together miscellaneous threads into a canvas of other narratives and poetical possibilities.
Finally BAK Reader is a creative tool for us to endure a vivid gaze into the overwhelming milieu of Nablus and beyond.

See the BAK Reader, please use the bottom right and left corners to browse through!

Or download the pdf-version here: BAK_Reader_w.pdf

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