The first guest of our School!

In October 2011, Zeina  Ghandour, London based academic, with Lebanese and Palestinian origins, joined us for 10 days of research in the field of food anthropology and took an experimental cooking course with the women of Bait al Karama.
We designed a program customised to meet her interests and research needs. Among the activities, she took a cookery class over 3 days about salads, main course (maklube) and sweets. Together we visited the village of Qossen – about 10 km from Nablus were we joined Kefayh Abu Als´owd in the harvest of the olive trees.
Zeina’s research will be shared with Bait al Karama as the first research material constituting our archive of narratives and story of the local domestic cuisine.
My time in Nablus, organised by Bait al Karama, was unforgettable.  Bea and Cristiana made sure that my stay was comfortable, productive and fun.  Fatima introduced me to day to day life in the Old City and made sure that I was involved in as many activities as possible.  I met so many inspiring women (and men!) and felt truly privileged that they wanted to share their culinary secrets with me, and by extension their culture and experience.  I would repeat the trip at the first possible opportunity.” (Zeina Ghandour, November 2011)

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