Our Terra Madre Day was a Success!

Our Terra Madre Day, Maw´ed, was blessed by a sunny fresh morning!
Circa 50 women – both from the Old City and the villages surrounding Nablus – took part in this first day of activities of Bait al Karama for the local community.

The schedule was intense and kept us busy from 11 o’clock in the morning until 4 pm.  While the first group, between 25 and 30 women, took a workshop in nutrition and food habits given by a professional nutritionist from Nablus; the second group was busy in our kitchen learning the preparation of Shish-barak, an old traditional Arabic dish consisting of beef stuffed dumplings cooked in yogurt. More expert women from the old city were teaching others the secrets of this delicious plate…

The day culminated in a terrific banquet in the training room that put together all the participants! …we tasted Shish-barak accompanied by tabule salad, Mujaddara (cooked lentils together with groats, and garnished with roasted onions), laban (yogurt), olives and pickles and a compulsory Knafeh (local sweet specialty)!


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